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Stass & Co

Stass & Co

As a lifelong student of yoga, meditation and breath work, company founder Bec Jakstas knows all about the life-changing benefits of daily reflection and self-care.

Shortly after committing to a dry body brushing practice, Bec saw the immense returns of tending to her nervous and lymphatic systems regularly, and knew it was a way to balance the effects of her fast-paced life.

Body brushing is an effective practice that can be incorporated into our self-care toolkits. Realising this, Bec wanted to share the benefits with all consumers and give them access to a high-quality, considered tool to do it. Stass & Co was born.


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Stass & Co

Made from luxurious walnut wood and natural sisal bristles, every branded brush offers its users a few moments of calm to nurture their mind, body and soul.

Companies directed by strong values and founded from a personal journey are the type of brands a-beauty loves to partner with. We truly appreciate the consideration that went into founding Stass & Co, as well as the vision that Bec wants to share with the world. We knew this was an Australian brand we could quickly support.

Stass & Co has now been given a front and centre place on our shelves. It’s important to regularly check in with yourself to prioritise health and wellbeing.

This leading company is an excellent example of the art and ritual that is self-care, and is now one of our go-to brands – fully encapsulating our mission to represent a diverse Australian beauty community with pride. We know many people in our community extend their beauty rituals beyond cosmetics.

We believe that it is vitally important to align with brands that can help you live a conscious, value-oriented lifestyle. From candles to personal fragrances and more, every item in our meticulously curated collection has been chosen for their commitment to transparent business practices, sustainability, inclusivity and efficacious results.

a-beauty is an authorised stockist of Stass & Co.

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