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Australia, known for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse flora, has inspired many artists and creators. One brand that has captured the essence of the Australian spirit in a bottle is Goldfield & Banks. With a commitment to crafting unique and evocative fragrances, Goldfield & Banks has gained recognition for its distinct olfactory creations. Let’s explore three exceptional fragrances from the brand, each encapsulating a different facet of the Australian experience.

1. Goldfield & Banks Sunset Hour

In a snapshot

A heavenly cocktail of citrus and spicy delights awaits, giving way to a deliciously gourmand and sensuous floral heart. Best worn at sunset hour.

Key Ingredients

  • Top notes - Pear, Mandarin. Desert Peach
  • Heart notes - Jasmine, Green Mango, Ginger, Coconut Cream, Pink Pepper
  • Base notes - Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla

Available in: 10ml, 50ml and 100ml

Smells like summer

My scent of choice in Summer! I love the citrus and floral smells in the Sunset Hour perfume. It reminds me of travelling around Europe in the summertime. I’m currently using the 10ml size as it’s the perfect fit for my handbag and travelling. - Courtney B.

Australian summer sexy cocktail

Stunning! I normally don’t love overly sweet fragrances but this got me. This is a sexy white mini dress at a bar at sunset on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. You get a lot of the peach fruity sweetness ground by a woody element on dry down. It definitely dries down a little less sweet than it opens. - Ana S.

SOOO delicious

OMG I can't explain how yum this is! Literally have had soooo many people stop me to ask what it is. Last so long, get this asap. - Qiana

2. Goldfield & Banks Pacific Rock Moss

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A fresh aquatic fragrance inspired by the refreshing sea spray scent of ocean waves hitting the rocks on a summer day.

Key Ingredients

  • Top Notes - Lemon, Aquatic Accord
  • Heart Notes - Rock Moss Accord, Sage
  • Base Notes - Cedarwood, Musk, Amber   

Available in: 10ml, 50ml and 100ml

Best Unisex Perfume Ever!





This is literally the best unisex perfume I've ever smelt. Love all of Goldfield and Banks, but this works for both my partner and I. THE BEST. 

- Qiana



Love this fragrance!

I'm obsessed with Pacific Rock Moss, I find it so fresh and unique! I receive compliments all the time. - Svenja

Fresh, simple, summer!

Love the light fresh scent that lasted all day. - Bianca.S. 

3. Goldfield & Banks Bohemian Lime

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A refreshing and punchy fragrance that is an ode to the tropical paradise of Byron Bay with its effervescent blend of native citrus and aromatic woods.

Key Ingredients

  • Top Notes - Australian Finger Lime, Bergamot, Mandarin, Coriander Seeds
  • Heart Notes - Vetiver, Cedarwood Atlas, Georgywood
  • Base Notes - Sandalwood Album, Patchouli, Amber

Citrus scent with great longevity

This really is a true bomb scent. There isn’t any sweetness so I prefer to layer it with a coconut or even Goldfield & Banks Sunset hour. Amazing longevity and projection for a citrus lover. - Ana.S

Bohemian Lime is so nice!

A friend showed me this fragrance a few months ago and I loved it so much, it smells like limes and sunny freshness! I bought it and I'm very happy with my purchase. - Cheryl



Whether it's the warm embrace of Sunset Hour, the coastal elegance of Pacific Rock Moss, or the vibrant zest of Bohemian Lime, these fragrances make for unique and thoughtful gifts.

And if you’re not quite certain of which fragrance your loved one will enjoy, why not gift the Goldfield & Banks Discovery Sample Collection - an introductory fragrance set that includes nine of Goldfield & Banks' luxurious scents inspired by the Australian landscape.

Included perfumes from the Native Collection: Bohemian Lime, Pacific Rock Moss, Southern Bloom, Wood Infusion, Desert Rosewood, Blue Cypress, White Sandalwood and Velvet Splendour. I believe that’s what they call a no brainer!

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