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Cleansing Accessories

Cleansing Accessories

If you’re in the process of updating your daily routine, consider the benefits of adopting a few accessories designed for the job. Offering extra exfoliating benefits, and a safe way to remove makeup from sensitive skin, muslin is making a return for good reason.

Now one of the most highly recommended (and reusable) ways to remove your cosmetics, cleansing cloths are being reimagined by leading a-beauty brands like Vanessa Megan and MV Skintherapy.


Cleansing Accessories 

Our a-beauty team agree that the benefits of using muslin cloths to remove makeup and everyday cleansing formulas can help give your face a deeper clean. How so? Consider the benefits of the following:

  • Softer Texture: Recognised as a soft cotton product, muslin breaks down and gets softer with each use. As a result, it’s a great option for those with sensitive or irritated skin.
  • More Absorbent: As a base material, it’s highly absorbent and its tightly woven threads are a great way to help remove makeup, dirt and excess oil.
  • Exfoliation: Cloths can help to gently exfoliate the skin, encourage new growth and collagen production, and help boost circulation.

Convinced yet? A great addition to the everyday routine of our sensitive skin followers – and those unable to use manually operated brushes – muslin can help you get a deeper clean without further inflaming your skin.

Instead of going out to source just any old cotton, consider where you’re purchasing your material from. Known to be a highly modified and non-organic material, make sure that your muslin is made from toxin-free, organic or ethically sourced cotton.

We’ve made this easy, as we have a quality selection available for you right here – with accessories from our leading brands MV Skintherapy and Vanessa Megan.

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