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Foile Skincare

Foile Skincare

Meet Foile, the future of skincare. At the very heart of the brand’s philosophy is the idea that skincare should be uncomplicated, inclusive and effective. Low-fuss yet high-quality, Foile offer a range of genderless and multi-use skincare products guaranteed to elevate your skin’s vitality. 

Developed from scratch and made in small batches right here on Australian soil, Foile epitomises ‘clean’ beauty. Proudly vegan and cruelty-free, their skincare is entirely free from nasties including parabens, fragrances, sulphates and essential oils. Foile harnesses the power of natural bioactive ingredients like snow mushroom, rosella and prickly pear seed.


Foile Skincare

Foile is an independent, female-founded and sustainable beauty brand. Sydney-based founders Suzanne Tuttle and Alexandra Grima created the brand with a shared vision to steer the industry toward a future that is both inclusive and environmentally conscious. Having previously worked together, the two friends drew from their backgrounds in nutrition and design to create exceptionally high-quality everyday skincare that is beautiful and refillable. 

Their signature glass bottle is crafted with the intention of longevity, ensuring a lasting presence in your beauty cabinet. Thoughtfully designed to ergonomically fit in the palm of one’s hand, these bottles can be re-filled time and time again. 

Foile is not just about skincare; they’re a brand dedicated to challenging the way skincare is produced, consumed and experienced. 

Foile Skincare is committed to providing uber-clean solutions for your freshest face. That means their products never include: 

- Parabens

- Sulphates

- Fragrances

- Toxic ingredients

- PEGs

- Essential oils

- Palm oil or its derivatives

The team at Foile are committed to minimising their environmental and social footprint. The brand is continuously engaged in research, learning and exploration to advance their mission.

Foile emphasise responsible purchasing practices across their entire supply chain. This approach fosters positive change at the supplier level. It hinges on transparent, equitable and honest relationships where responsibilities are shared. 

In the beauty industry where a staggering 70% of waste ends up in landfill, Foile is pioneering a shift toward refillable solutions. Whenever possible, the brand opts for compostable materials and recyclable papers for third-party packaging. Additionally, Foile operates a returns program which enables customers to return empty pouches and bottles for re-integration into its supply chain. Foile also proudly declare themselves plastic-neutral, partnering with Cleanhub to ensure that every kilogram of plastic they produce is collected and prevented from entering our oceans. 

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