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To help our community sort through the saturated online world of health and wellness products, we strive to stand apart from the crowd as a transparent champion of luxe, all-Australian brands. Because of our commitment to quality and authenticity, every brand or product listed in the collection must pass thorough testing before it can be approved, thereby showing our followers that we practice what we preach.

Dreaming of an online community where honesty, transparency, and a commitment to genuine quality can all co-exist, we are the world’s go-to source for the best of Australian natural skincare brands.


Skin Care


With an expanding range of luxury, organic skincare products vetted by industry experts and everyday users alike, we strive to collect brands that appeal to all types and needs.

Dedicated to supporting our local, thriving community, we hope to be recognised for  our celebration and support of diverse Australian markets and to be remembered for, if nothing else, our carefully considered collection of high-quality skincare brands.

Curating our collection of the best cruelty-free brands has been, and will continue to be, a lengthy process that dives into the depth of our suppliers’ very soul. Never settling for less than what our industry experts will approve, we maintain a level of excellence by showing up with honesty and integrity and strive to stand behind brands that have stead-fast values, ethos, and foundations.

Wanting to inspire our community to be their very best selves, we expect no less from our own a-beauty approved products. With the following brands a snippet of the brands currently gracing our virtual shelves:

  •  Ere Perez
  •  Eye Of Horus
  •  Grandiflora
  •  Hunter Lab
  •  Lumira
  •  Mukti Organics 
  •  Salt By Hendrix
  •  Slip 
  •  Stass & Co
  • The Beauty Chef
  •  Vanessa Megan
  •  Vida Glow
  •  Who Is Elijah
  • WelleCo

The product selection showcases our high standards and how we want Australia’s offering to be represented to the world. 

To support and empower our community, we actively share up-and-coming and tried-and-true beauty products that we believe in so that we can authentically influence consumers worldwide.

By bringing the best of the Australian Beauty market to an international platform, we hope our brand will become a beacon of light for both dedicated brands and buyers and that a quick glance at our symbol will remind you to bring a little luxe into your day.

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