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If you’re looking to bring a more relaxing vibe into your living area, candles, diffusers and room mists are a great way to do it.

Infused with therapeutic essential oils, families can take advantage of the uplifting fragrance and health benefits from our range of Australian-made candles. Not sure which blends will best suit your home? We’ve rounded up some of our a-beauty approved candles below so that you can find the perfect burn for your home.



Light years ahead of the potentially toxic blends of the past, modern bases are no longer made from paraffin wax. Instead, they’re created with cleaner, a-beauty-approved options.

What are some of the alternatives available on the market? Our top choices include:

  • Soy-bases
  • Coconut oil bases
  • Beeswax

Once you decide on the right wax, some of our top picks for essential oil blend scents include:

  • Patchouli, cedar wood and fir balsam: This grounding, earthy scent is great for burning after dark in the cold months. This Lumira candle can help to calm and anchor the home or a dedicated meditation space.
  • Jasmine, juniper and citrus oils (Tonic of Gin base): Leave a light, fresh and clean fragrance behind. Great for burning on days when a full tidy-up is in order.
  • Fig, mimosa and blackcurrant: This creates a sweet fragrance and soothing atmosphere that’s well catered to an after dinner drink and dessert.

With each of our candles certified to have a 100% lead-free wick, you can safely burn our range of a-beauty scented products without concern for toxic waxes or lead.

Looking to set the mood on a sunny morning or at night after hours? We have a feeling that the right scent could be just what the doctor ordered to help you freshen up and wind down.

Australia’s Best Brands.

Looking for a community that aligns with your cosmetic, eco-friendly values? a-beauty is dedicated to overhauling the cosmetics industry worldwide, so we practice what we preach and only offer the best of the best to our community.

Tried, tested and approved by our industry experts, every item you source from our collection supports each of the values listed above. Welcome to the a-beauty community. We’re so glad that you’re here.

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