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Body Tools

Body Tools

Ready to unveil your best skin? From brushes to scrubs, our team believes in the power of nurturing yourself from head to toe. As we only source products from Australian-made companies who are working toward a fairer, cleaner, more diverse beauty community, you know that any product gracing our shelves has been selected as it aligns with our community values.

If you’re heading into the winter seasons and want an extra add-on to your regular routine, consider the benefits of investing in a key tools. You’ll be glad you did.


Body Tools

Wondering how you should nurture your body? A few key staples in our basic kits include:

  • Exfoliator: The benefits of exfoliating dead cells and encouraging new turnover and growth are unbound. Just remember, exfoliating is an active treatment that shouldn’t be used every day. Maximise your scrub sessions to 2-3 times per week.
  • Dry Brush: As mentioned above, this gentle exfoliating brush can help buff away dry and dead cells while nourishing you from the inside out. Often best before jumping in the shower, this is an everyday practice that’s intended to help encourage the movement of lymph fluid and lymphatic drainage under the skin.
  • Gua Sha: This ancient practice involves using an angled stone to scrape the face or body. Gua Sha can be applied to encourage lymphatic drainage, reduce swelling and increase circulation. Wondering what accessories to use? While the stones applied to the face are often smaller, thinner, and shaped to the contours of the face, tools for use from the neck down are slightly heavier and thicker, with wider rounded edges. You can also use a facial tool instead – we just don’t recommend going in reverse.

As with any care and maintenance routine, we always recommend hydrating with key oils and ingredients – especially during dry, cold weather, or after exfoliating and showering. If you’re wondering which ingredients to look out for in moisturisers and oils, check out our guide to some of our favourite nurturing tonics.

Right down to our exfoliators and scrubs, the a-beauty community is 100% committed to overhauling the beauty industry worldwide. Ready to join the revolution? Feel free to browse our community – we share insight, education and key information about leading dermatological science and the best self-care practices every day.

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