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Looking for a colour that can last all day? If you’re looking for a great wear and tint without all the nasty ingredients and chemicals, then we have just the thing for you.

With every product on the a-beauty shelves throughly examined for ethical practices, sustainable packaging and high quality formulas, every follower in our community knows that the products they find here are value-aligned.

If you’re looking for long-lasting colour that can help you put your best face forward without sacrificing your commitment to clean beauty, check out our summary below of some of the key ingredients we incorporate. Never settling for anything less than efficacious, clean and considerate, we’re actively working to expand our eco-conscious beauty range.



We believe so deeply that makeup and cosmetics can be kind, considered and effective. To ensure our followers get high quality colour and great lip skin health, we always seek the following in our lipstick formulations:

  • Vitamin E: This essential vitamin provides lasting hydration, skin regeneration, and antioxidants.
  • Apricot seed oil: This oil provides a protective layer of moisture.
  • Candelilla wax: This offers intense hydration (derived from a plant-based solution).
  • Shea/ cocoa butter: Naturally found ingredients with intense hydration, antioxidant and fatty acid levels.

When looking out for a great formula, we also recommend looking for products such as:

  • Sun protection: Our lips are just as sensitive and susceptible to UV damage and melanoma as the rest of our face.
  • Exfoliant: Although not found among our colour range, an exfoliant can buff away dead skin cells to unveil new skin and encourage healthy cell growth.
  • Treatment: If you’re looking to go makeup free, or just want an intensely hydrating formula to wear throughout the night, a mask or treatment can go a long way to keep looking fresh through the day.

If a kinder, cleaner brand has been on your shopping list, consider flicking through our a-beauty range to find brands that are confirmed to be conscious, ethical and Australian-made.

Overhauling the cosmetics industry can only happen when we’re all in this together, so we’re readily working to expand and diversify our ever growing range. Join the revolution by shopping with us today.

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