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Biologi is a skincare company based in Australia that offers a range of products made from 100% active plant extracts. The company's philosophy is to harness the natural power of botanicals to create highly effective, sustainable, and ethical skincare products that deliver visible results.

Biologi's range of products includes serums, moisturizers, and body washes that are formulated using the company's proprietary Cellular Extraction technology. This unique extraction process involves isolating the plant's live cells, which are then bottled without the use of any preservatives, fragrances, or other additives.

Biologi is a clean cosmeceutical brand with a point of difference, turning traditional skincare on its head by using single plant extracts that contain skin-loving phytoactives to protect, nourish and repair skin.



An Australian-made and owned company, Biologi controls the entire production process from start to finish, harnessing native Australian ingredients that are ethically sourced and helping consumers make informed choices about their skincare.

In addition to its skincare products, Biologi is committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing. The company only uses plant material that is sustainably harvested, and all of its products are vegan, cruelty-free, and packaged in recyclable materials.

Overall, Biologi is a leading skincare company that offers a range of highly effective and sustainable products made from 100% active plant extracts. Whether you're looking to brighten, firm, or hydrate your skin, Biologi has a product that can help you achieve your skincare goals.

a-beauty is an authorised stockist of Biologi.

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