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Ere Perez

Ere Perez

Ere Perez is an Australian beauty company that was established in 2002 by Ere Perez. The brand is known for its natural, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty products. The company takes pride in its use of natural ingredients and strives to create products that are safe for both people and the environment.

Ere Perez offers a wide range of beauty products that cater to different skin types and beauty needs. Some of their most popular products include foundations, concealers, lipsticks, eyeshadows, and mascaras. They also offer skincare products such as facial oils, moisturizers, and serums.

Infused with plant-based botanicals to support the overall appearance and underlying health of your skin, Ere Perez is committed to providing an easy way to pursue a clean and conscious life.


Ere Perez

This Australian brand harnesses the power of science-backed materials and superfoods to create products that are not only good for you, but for the planet. 

We know all about the benefits of shopping organic, sourcing locally and living sustainably. With eco-conscious packaging that minimises its impact on the planet and formulations derived from clean ingredients, these Ere Perez products make it easy for our whole community to live a value-aligned life regardless of their beauty needs.

Wondering what the difference is between naturally - derived and mainstream cosmetics? Consider the following Ere Perez is committed to the following:

  • Science: With a background in naturopathy, founder Ere Perez instills the wisdom of her traditional Mexican heritage with leading alternative science to only use chemical-free, naturally-sourced ingredients.
  • Manufacturing: For a product to best support the health of you and the planet, production methods must minimise their impact on the earth and remain as pure as possible. Ere Perez does all this while to rewarding your skin with plant-potent benefits.
  • Farming: Equally as important for you and the earth, sustainable farming practices must be followed to minimise environmental damage and support a renewable landscape for us all. From herbs to everyday garden botanicals, this a-beauty brand sources ingredients wherever possible through conscious farming practices to minimise the impacts on wildlife and the earth.

With the skin able to absorb up to 60% of the ingredients applied to the epidermis, we appreciate the efforts of those init’s not hard to see why many of our community who are committed to only using naturally derived ingredients.

Making it easier to pursue a value-aligned lifestyle, our team hopes this leading Australian skincare company can find a permanent home on your cosmetics shelf.

Dedicated to harnessing the power of botanicals and seeing effective results from the inside out, we’re proud to present this all-Australian brand to the market.

Blending leading science with tradition makes each of the Ere Perez formulations unique. Consider incorporating the plant-based benefits of this conscious and committed brand today.

a-beauty is an authorised stockist of Ere Perez.

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