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Primers & Serums

Primers & Serums

Whether you’re looking for a lash serum to help regenerate and encourage natural growth, or a primer that can help level up your mascara game, the a-beauty range is sure to have a safe and considered Australian-made brand just for you.

Our team puts in the work to find locally made, conscious companies who are committed to a more ethical, sustainable and diverse cosmetics industry. We’re proud to represent our industry partners who are making waves on the market.

Catering to a community who know that effective and efficacious products can be merged with clean formulas, our team and followers are ditching the questionable, chemical-filled cosmetics to go au natural.

Check out some of the key ingredients infused into our serums, mascaras and brow gels below – which all prove that effective makeup doesn’t have to mean unnatural. We’re sure you find what you’re looking for in the a-beauty world.


Primers & Serums

Whether you’re looking to level up your game, or give your lashes a break and encourage them to replenish and regenerate, an infused tonic can help nurture your eyes. Among the considered brands on our shelves, some of our favourite mascaras and eye formulas include:

  • Avocado oil: This ingredient helps to condition and encourage growth.
  • Moringa seed oil: This oil helps to soften and soothe sensitive eyes.
  • Aloe vera gel: Aloe vera is packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, promoting a range of restorative benefits.
  • Vitamin B5: This encourages healthy growth and strengthens the hairs.

While we always recommend taking a break in between lift, tint and extension appointments to allow your lashes to regenerate, the right formula can naturally help to nurture them and boost their health from the inside out.

If you’re looking to give your eyes a bit of downtime, or just prefer to coat them with a serum before hitting the hay, a-beauty’s range of premium formulas are kind, clean and effective.

We only partner with brands once they pass our extensive approval process, so every item on our shelves is confirmed to be sustainable, ethical and committed to a kinder, cleaner market.

Ready to dive in? Read on through our collection of a-beauty articles to learn more about treating your skin from the inside out.

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