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If you haven’t heard of the latest serums you may be missing out on a crucial step in your skincare routine. Although the delicate eye area is often overlooked in comparison to full face makeup and cosmetics, the importance of looking after your eye area can’t be understated.

Healthy hairs can mean the difference between growing out long, luscious lashes and needing to have them filled in every month. Looking for a more natural makeup routine? With the right maintenance, a well-cared-for eye area can give you a tidy, cohesive and bright-eyed look without reaching for a mascara or gel.

Considering all of the hustle, bustle and environmental pollution we face everyday, consider giving your eyes a little tender loving care. Not sure what to look for in a dedicated serum? Consider our go-to recommendations and the benefits of investing in a clean, considered product today. 



With so many options on the market, maintaining the basic health of your eyes is more important than ever. Even though we love a good tint or mascara as much as the next beauty lover, these treatments and cosmetics can cause extra stress and damage when used on a regular basis.

If you’re looking to grow out your lashes, or give them a break from ongoing cosmetic treatments, we recommend:

  • Taking breaks in between: Even though we love the look of wide awake eyes, these treatments can place undue stress on delicate eye skin and lids. Give your hairs a break in between treatments to allow them to regenerate and regrow.
  • Take days off cosmetics: You heard us! Even though we love a full face, the weight of mascaras, ongoing exfoliation and makeup remover can place additional strain on this delicate hair and skin. See if you can go makeup free 1-2 days a week – a dedicated curler can help.
  • Apply a serum: Specifically formulated for the delicate eye area, these non-irritating serums can help moisturise, replenish and soothe your lashes. All body hairs grow best when nourished from the inside out, so a serum can be a great way to define individual lashes while nurturing them without turning to a mascara.

Ready to dive into better eye care? With every product on our shelves tested for sustainability, ethicality and safe formulas, the a-beauty range can help you achieve your best look from the inside and out.

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