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Body Oils

Body Oils

If you’re looking for an extra layer of hydration to add into your care routine, consider the benefits of a body oil. Lightweight and readily absorbed, these oils are often infused with extra concentrated properties to help you nourish your skin.

Unsure of what to look for, or concerned about adding extra hydration to overactive sebum pores? Fear not. We’ve scoured Australia for some of our nation’s best beauty brands that are helping to overhaul the industry. From plant-based botanicals to those harnessing leading dermatological science and Eastern medicine principles, we believe there is an oil on the market for you.

Ready to dive in? Let’s first look at the benefits of adopting a bath and body oil, and which ingredients you should look out for.


Body Oils

The cosmetics industry has built a somewhat problematic reputation in recent years for questionable ingredients and misleading marketing claims.

We believe it’s our mission to clear up a few misconceptions. There are a number of companies out there toting all-natural formulations who still infuse potentially harmful additives into their formulas. There are also others that claim to be 100% certified cruelty-free or organic, but really may not be as much, even if claimed otherwise.

Here at a-beauty, we’re committed to only partnering with Australian brands that are helping to clean up the industry, which is why we only stock:

  • Products 100% committed to a cruelty-free industry
  • Companies committed to a more sustainable market
  • Organisations transparent and honest about their formulation lists

Our range of bath oils are included amongst this list, and can support:

  • Extra hydration
  • Reduced appearance of stretch marks, scars and acne marks
  • Sooth irritated conditions like eczema and itchiness

Not sure what to look for?

  • If you suffer from dry or dehydrated skin, consider an oil that includes coconut, jojoba, or hemp seed oil for extra moisture
  • Neroli oil for those with acne concerns for its anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties
  • Argon oil for those wanting to reduce the appearance of stretch marks

Ready to jump into the world of oils? Check out our growing range – every product, brand, and company we partner with is guaranteed to be supporting a kinder, cleaner, safer cosmetics world.

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