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Makeup Tools

Makeup Tools

If you’re looking to bring your best face forward, a shadow and a simple highlight can go a long way. Nervous about your base makeup skills? Don’t be – with a bit of practice and a guide on how to shape the face, you can be blending, hiding imperfections and highlighting those bright eyes in no time.

Need to know where to begin? Follow along with a-beauty as we discuss the basic tips, tricks, and tools needed to shape out your best look yet.


Makeup Tools

If you’re new to the world of contouring, this is the simple shading in specific areas you want to minimise (with darker colours), while brightening areas you want to emphasise.

Whether you’re interested in making your eyes pop, highlighting the cheekbones, or bringing your chin to a sharper point, shadowing can be done simply and easy with the right tools. First things first:

  1. Shadow and Highlight: Invest in a shadowing colour (a darker shade – bronzer is fine) and a highlighting shade (such as a lighter face powder or product with some glow/sheen).
  2. Creams and Powders: Products can be either powdered or cream-based – depending on your preference. Cream products are best applied and blended with fingers or an eco-conscious sponge. Powders can be applied and blended with fingers, sponges, or brushes.
  3. Areas to Highlight: Look in a mirror and point out the areas you want to emphasise or bring forward. Key points often include beneath the brows, top of the cheekbones, the Cupid’s bow in the top lip, and straight line down the centre of your nose (top to bottom).

Areas you may want to shadow (shape or minimise) could include the underside of the jaw – especially on either side of the chin, the sides of the nose, underside of the cheekbones and along the hairline at the top of your forehead. Feel free to suck in your cheeks to find the right hollow space beneath your cheekbones – everyone’s different.

Regardless of whether you’re applying a brightening or shading cosmetics, always remember to blend. The best efforts at shaping will go awry if there is a harsh, noticeable line left behind where you applied product. To minimise the risk of sharp lines, blend away then look at your face front on and from both sides in the mirror before you leave the house. 

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