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Mihan Aromatics

Mihan Aromatics

Through a mutual appreciation for the power of scent and a deep rooted love of the Australian land, Mihan Aromatics™ was born.

Since launching in 2017, Mihan Aromatics ™ have encapsulated a unique Australian experience. Romantic and nostalgic, genderless and timeless their aromas conjure heartache, hubris and harmony. Since they met, founders Julia Brown and Joshua Mihan have been thoughtfully noting aromas to define their creative and personal partnership. They cherish their contemporary and collective Australian experience by distilling it into scent.


Mihan Aromatics

Julia spent much of her childhood visiting family a long generational line of Sugar Cane farmers in the rural tropics of far North Queensland. Her earliest memories are encompassed by bushland, from pressing wildflowers hand picked from her doorstep to devouring sugar cane stalks plucked from the family fields.

Josh is ever fuelled by a desire to heighten his senses. His innovative and adventurous spirit took the couple across the world. Together they hiked through remote landscapes and carved out a life in London, before returning home to Melbourne.

Designed and developed, hand filled and assembled in Melbourne, Mihan Aromatics ™ is a true product of Australia.

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