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Period Care

Period Care

Empowerment through every cycle. Featuring iconic Aussie femtech startup Scarlet Period, our Period Care collection has been designed to redefine the way you experience and manage your menstrual cycle. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to confidence with our range of innovative period products.

From leak-resistant menstrual cups to high-absorbency period underwear, we’ve got you covered. At a-beauty, we believe your period should’nt hold you back from your active lifestyle. Join us in celebrating the beauty of your body’s natural rhythm and experience a new level of comfort and care during your period. Because your cycle isn’t just a phase - it’s a powerful part of who you are. 


Period Care

Let’s face it - period suck.

Many of us experience cramps, bloating, leakage and PMS - but did you know that ALL of us are suffering from the environmental burden that comes with menstruation?

More than 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons are thrown out every year, and just one pack of sanitary pads contains around 4 bags worth of plastic. Yikes! We are proud to offer a range of innovative and eco-friendly products to make your period a breeze. You deserve only the highest quality, and that’s exactly what we offer. Explore our collection of reusable period products - better for you and the planet!

Period Underwear

Period panties are designed to provide you with ultimate protection and peace of mind. With advanced absorbent technology, period underwear will keep you feeling dry and comfortable throughout your period, holding up to three tampons worth of fluid with each use.

Period Cups

Menstrual cups are a period game-changer - made from medical grade silicone, these cups provide up to 8 hours of period protection with each use.

First time user? We’ll answer your burning questions:

How do I choose the right absorbency level for period underwear?

Choose the absorbency level based on your flow. Light days may require a lower absorbency, while heavier days need higher levels.

Can I wear period underwear overnight?

Yes, you can wear period underwear overnight. They are designed to provide protection for extended periods, including nighttime. Choose a higher absorbency level for overnight wear, especially on heavy flow nights.

What is the difference between menstrual cups and tampons?

Menstrual cups are reusable, bell-shaped cups that collect menstrual fluid, while tampons are absorbent materials inserted into the vaginal canal. Cups are eco-friendly and can be worn longer than tampons. Tampons are disposable and need frequent changing.

How do I properly clean and care for my menstrual cup?

Clean your menstrual cup with warm water and mild soap. Sterilize it by boiling in water for a few minutes between cycles. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for specific care guidelines.

Do period panties work for all types of periods?

Period panties are effective for various flow levels. However, for heavy flow, you might consider using them as a backup with another menstrual product on heavy days.

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