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Thic Brow Co

Thic Brow Co

There’s nothing worse than a bad brow day. Eyebrows have a huge impact on your overall appearance, and they can completely make-or-break a look. We’ve all experienced the frustration of uncooperative brows - that’s why we are so excited to introduce Thic Brow Co, an Aussie brand here to transform your brow game like never before.

The company behind Australia’s first ever non-activating brow styling wax, Thic Brow Co's brow care products are cruelty free, vegan and (as the name suggests) guaranteed to give you the full and thick brows of your dreams. The clear and residue-free wax nourishes your brows while keeping them in place all day, and the brush applicator is specifically designed to help you achieve that sought-after fully brow. Shop Thic Brow Co's eyebrow grooming essentials and kiss bad brow days goodbye forever.


At a-beauty, we are passionate about finding vegan and cruelty-free makeup products that don’t compromise on quality. Having achieved the stamp of approval by the abeauty team, we are proud to add Thic Brow Co to our range.

Brow grooming is made simple with Thic Brow Co’s iconic brow styling wax - Australia’s very first non-activating wax (that means you don’t have to add any water!). Simply brush the clear, gel-like formula through your brows and tah dah! Gorgeous brows all day long.

The Brow Co is perfect for everyone - high quality enough for professionals but simple enough for beginners. 

a-beauty is an authorised stockist of Thic Brow Co.

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