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St. Palm

St. Palm

Dedicated to bringing natural perfumes, non-toxic skincare and cosmetics to the market, St. Palm knows how to make a splash.

Coming from a background in Brand Marketing and Management, company founder Kat set up the company after committing to a natural, toxin-free life. Kat wanted to make it easier to source Australian-made products that aligned with her values. This range was created to be a values-aligned, results-driven breath of fresh air.


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St. Palm

The health of our skin is intimately intertwined with our inner health and wellbeing. Many commercially available cosmetic and fragrance items, however, can be laden with harsh chemicals and preservatives. St. Palm exists to create beauty and skincare without any artificial ingredients.

Only sourcing ingredients that are 100% plant-based and free from synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrance, phthalates and other hormone-disrupting chemicals, Kat’s team really know their craft.

Using therapeutic grade essential oils, floral waters and organic cold-pressed plant oils, this company commits to further development and testing to ensure their products stay efficacious and pure. Pursuing a toxin-free, natural lifestyle requires the conscious adoption of more than just what we put on our skin. With this in mind, this range has expanded since its original establishment into conscious homewares, mists and fragrances.

Each piece added into this brand’s curated line is done so with intention, consideration and care – so that their community can pursue a life of self-care without compromising on their values or wellbeing. Our partnership with this brand allows our community to access solutions that they know will suit their personal choices.

After being extensively examined by our leading team of industry experts and technicians, each product far exceeded our expectations and was quickly added to our carefully curated collection. As a high-quality, mindful Australian company that respects the commitment required to pursue a toxin-free life, this brand has become a simple and understated addition to our expanding product range.

Subtle, minimalistic and pure in its intention, values and ingredients, we trust that this company will be a natural fit into your everyday life. You can rest assured that St. Palm follows through on their mission and takes active steps to fulfil their promises and intent.

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