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Male Skincare Products
Male Skincare Products

Sorry to break it to you guys, but your skin is also prone to ageing, breakouts and the harmful effects of environmental aggressors like the sun and pollution, just like us women.

While technically men's skin is 25% thicker than women’s due to a higher collagen content (read: your skin is more likely to look younger for longer) and you have more active oil glands which keep your skin better moisturised, you’re not completely off the hook. You will still benefit from a consistent skincare routine that focuses on keeping your skin clean, balanced, and protected. 

Why you should take good care of your skin

Your skin’s job is to take care of you, but you have to also take care of it for it to be able to do that. Skin acts as your first line of defence against the outside world, protecting you against germs, bacteria and harmful UV rays. It also helps regulate body temperature and filter out toxins. On top of all of that, healthy skin is better able to fight the signs of ageing and heal faster.

If you haven’t already built a good skincare routine for yourself, now’s the time to start. 

We asked Australian skin enthusiast Matt Huxley from Infirm of Purpose for his top a-beauty skincare product for men. From one guy to another, here’s what you should be using on your skin every day.

A deep cleaning cleanser

Matt’s a-beauty pick: Karinda Skincare Purifying Cleanser

“Good skin starts with a good cleanse and the Karinda Skincare Purifying Cleanser is my pick to give that deep clean without over-stripping the skin. Sunflower oil and shea butter provide a nourishing base and a coconut-derived surfactant gently removes surface dirt and impurities. For those with particularly oily skin, or who work outdoors, this cleanser is suitable for a double cleanse,” says Huxley.

Man Applying Cleanser
Mere Ionic Dermal Corrective Tonic

A no-fuss face mist

Matt’s a-beauty pick: Mere Ionic Dermal Corrective Tonic

“Fun fact: skincare absorbs more easily on damp skin,” shares Huxley. “That’s where a good mist comes in. This offering from Mere combines the hydration of aloe vera and glycerin with the astringency of swamp paperbark water and the brightening effects of Kakadu plum extract. It’s pore-refining and hydrating all at the same time. A quick spritz of this refreshes the skin and leaves it invigorated and ready for the rest of your routine.” 

A hardworking serum

Matt’s a-beauty pick: Cipher Skincare C-Shield

“A good serum is a must if you wish to actually effect a change on your skin. My selection for a ‘one and done’ serum is the Cipher Skincare C-Shield,” reveals Huxley. “A wonderful formulation that provides antioxidant protection (essential in Australia), it also contains two stabilised forms of vitamin C to protect from free radical damage.

You also have niacinamide for barrier support and allantoin, olive glycerides and hydroxyacetophenone to leave the skin lovely and moisturised. Suitable for both day and night, this supremely efficacious serum will assist with brightening the skin and leave it nice and supple. Perfect for ensuring future skin health.”

Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause damage to skin cells and lead to premature ageing. Common causes of free radical damage include UV radiation, pollution, and cigarette smoke.


A nourishing facial oil

Matt’s a-beauty pick: Mokosh Elderberry and Chia Seed Beauty Serum

“A facial oil should especially be on your radar if your skin is dry, chapped, flaking or compromised in some way (though make no mistake, oily skin can also benefit from the addition of oil),” says Huxley. “This Elderberry and Chia Seed Oil is the lighter option from Mokosh, but they do a richer option if you’re in need of some serious TLC.

This oil has a high concentration of jojoba – a liquid wax that’s very close to our skin’s own oil – meaning that it sinks in rapidly and easily. It also contains omega 6-rich pumpkin seed oil, which can help to repair the skin barrier, whilst hemp and sesame oils provide deep nourishment. For those guys with facial hair, this is a great oil to run through in the evening (make sure you get the skin under the hair as well). A few drops will go a long way.”

A day and night moisturiser

Matt’s a-beauty pick: Genus Skincare Physio-Logic Fortifying Moisturiser

“It doesn’t matter how oily your skin is, everyone needs a moisturiser,” explains Huxley. “Genus has formulated a wonderful concoction of jojoba esters, shea butter and meadowfoam seed oil that nourishes the skin, yet doesn’t feel too heavy.

It absorbs instantly (great for both day and night), yet the addition of powerhouse ingredients like ectoin and niacinamide ensures that cellular health and barrier protection is at the forefront. Supremely efficacious and gentle enough for even sensitised skin, this is a product that should be in everyone’s cart.”  

Ultra Violette Supreme Screen SPF 50+
Man Applying Skincare

A daily face sunscreen

Matt’s a-beauty pick: Ultra Violette Supreme Screen SPF 50+

“SPF is a non-negotiable. Without proper SPF protection, any other skincare product is essentially rendered ineffective,” says Huxley. “Having to constantly repair your skin from UV damage is exhausting and your cells need the assistance of a well-formulated sunscreen so that this damage does not show up on your face. If that doesn’t phase you, then the very real risk of skin cancer should,” he adds.

“Ultra Violette has other offerings for body and face depending on your requirements but I find Supreme Screen to be a good all-rounder and it doesn’t leave a white cast. It features a great combination of UV filters with a nice base and it does not feel heavy in the slightest on the skin. Most importantly, it reapplies easily over the skin.”


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