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Jocelyn Petroni has a gift for glowing skin. Her holistic, results-driven approach to achieving nourished, radiant skin combined with her understanding of what skin needs to look happy and healthy is why she’s trusted by Aussie beauties around the world, including Miranda Kerr and Megan Gale.

A trip to Jocelyn’s salon in Sydney, Woollahra is a treat for your skin and senses, thanks to her unrivalled knowledge of skin and nail health paired with her skills as a qualified Reiki master and gentle, caring touch. It’s her tailored techniques and genuine love for better skin that makes her one of Australia’s leading facialists and an A-Beauty icon.

We caught up with Jocelyn to find out her skin secrets and what a-beauty means to her.

What is a-beauty? 

Australian beauty is about a really minimal, pared-back approach, which has taken some work to get there. It’s about an effortless aesthetic that we all know isn’t exactly effortless. It’s clean, glowing skin that looks lit-from-within, and a holistic approach to beauty. Professionally speaking, it’s a beautiful mix of the best of American and European beauty cultures: Classic beauty treatments with modern application.” 

What Australia does best in beauty 

Beauty without looking like you’ve tried. It takes effort to look effortlessly beautiful – facials to take great care of skin, and a program of professional manicures to keep nails in their best shape. That’s what I think really personifies the best kind of Australian beauty.

I feel my best when…

...I’m kissing and cuddling my beautiful daughter. But it can also be when I am in the midst of performing one of our signature Heart Chakra Facials and really connecting with a client and making them feel their own personal best, too. I’ve always seen my job being so much more than a positive impact on skin and nails. What drew me to it was that ability to connect.” 

“My favourite beauty pick-me-up is an Infrared sauna.”

Jocelyn Petroni, Australian skin and nail expert

Common beauty misconceptions

‘There is no one product in existence which suits everyone. So don’t buy something just because it’s expensive. There is a reason that having a skin therapist recommend what works for your skin is so valuable! They’re actually looking at it, touching it, and seeing how it responds to the professional products that they’re using.”

Jocelyn’s beauty mantra

To me, beauty on the outside has always been so intrinsically linked to that sense of inner peace. So, my philosophy always calls for a moment every day just to connect inwardly, whether that’s to meditate or even just to breathe and check in.

A sneak peek at Jocelyn’s skin routine

“It changes as my skin does. Currently, I’m treating some hormonal melasma that I acquired when I had my baby, so I had the Cosmelan Peel which is in-salon, and am using the complementary home-care products, Cosmelan 2. But generally, it’s consistent, it’s ritualistic and it’s something that I really love and enjoy doing. I do as much of my skincare routine as I can in the bath – when the skin is soft and warm. And I give myself a lymphatic drainage massage whenever I can. I think it makes a massive difference to how the face looks.” 

“I do as much of my skincare routine as I can in the bath – when the skin is soft and warm.”

Jocelyn Petroni, Australian skin and nail expert 

Latest skin discovery

“We have a new device in Jocelyn Petroni which does micro-needling and radio frequency at the same time. It supersedes everything which has come before it. It’s so incredible for lifting, plumping, toning – all of it!”

Make sure you stay tuned for part two of our interview with Jocelyn where she shares her favourite Australian beauty products!

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