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Winter, paired with continual COVID outbreaks, can really put a damper on your beauty vibe. Especially when it comes to your hair. With no-one to see and nowhere to go, it’s all too easy to just throw your tresses up into a top knot and learn to live with your regrowth. 

But a new hair colour, cut or style could be the simple solution to jolt you out of your beauty/daily slump and give you a fresh lease on lockdown life. Because spring is just around the corner and so too (fingers crossed) is your freedom!

To help inspire your new look, we chatted to Australian hairstylist Danae Kirk-Ayton for her tips on the top winter hair trends you need to try right now.

The Cut: Layers

The hair trend: Winter is all about movement and weightlessness in your hair, says Danae. “Layers are in! Gone are the days of one-length haircuts.” If you want to make a statement, take your cues from the ‘90s. Yep, bouncy supermodel layers à la Elle Macpherson are back! But Danae notes that layers can be customised to suit the look you’re after, so if you’re after something softer, you can instead use layers “through the top lengths to help thicken up those top strands that are broken, or you may want some hidden layers that remove weight and add texture”.

What’s to love about it? “When your hair is layered in the right way for you it can cut down styling time as it will work with your natural texture,” explains Danae.

What to ask for: “Make sure the stylist you go to understands what kind of layers you want. It's always good to do your research and see your stylist’s work before you book an appointment. Instagram is a great platform for this,” says Danae.

Tools you’ll need: “If you're going for the ‘90s style, a round brush for blow-drying or a hot air brush will be your best friend.”

The Colour: Warm Highlights

The hair trend: “Cool is out, warm is in,” says Danae. 

Why you should try it: “Through the cooler months we're not spending as much time out in the sun so we may have less warm pigments in our skin which is why now is a good time to get some warmth into your hair,” explains Danae.

What to ask for: “Honey blondes, chocolaty browns, warm caramel tones and coppers: ask your stylist what will suit your skin tone,” says Danae. 

Top tips: Firstly, before you even get your hair coloured you need to make sure your hair is in good condition. “When you are adding more pigment to your hair it's important to use quality at-home haircare products. The number one reason for this is so your hair's pH is in good health, allowing for an even absorption of colour and maintaining that colour once you have left the salon.” Danae’s second tip is to use sulphate-free shampoos so they're not stripping your colour. Thirdly, “use a toning conditioner or hair mask to seal in your desired tone,” adds Danae. 

"Warm highlights help brighten a dull winter complexion."

Danae Kirk-Ayton, Australian hairstylist

The Style: Micro-Braids

The hair trend: Plaits are in. “Not big braids though,” notes Danae, who says “cute little ones at the front of your hair through your fringe area” is winter’s top hairstyle trend. 

How to get the look: “You can achieve this look by taking a triangular section around your part. You then split the triangle in half so you have two sections (one on either side of your part) then begin your plait right from the root all the way down to your ends and secure with a hair tie.”

Why you’ll love it: “Simple yet effective, this is a great hairstyle for anyone trying to grow out an old fringe. It can also help make the rest of your hair look thicker by tying away those flyaway hairs around your face.”

The Product: A Hair Treatment

The hair trend: “Healthy hair is also in so the best accessory you can have during winter is a hair treatment,” explains Danae.

Products you’ll need: “Carry around with you either a treatment oil to top up those dry ends throughout the day or use an at-home treatment that will nourish your hair regularly.” 

Top tips: To help boost your hair’s health, Danae recommends using a microfibre turban while your hair treatment is in. “Or sleep on a silk pillowcase, which is good for your hair and your skin.” Danae explains, “Using microfibre towels or turbans are an excellent choice for your hair as there is less friction caused by the material, allowing for less brittle and broken hair. The same goes for silk: it has smoother fibres that provide for less friction on the hair and skin, keeping everything smooth and shiny.”


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