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Best summer fragrances in Australia - Grandiflora perfumes
Best summer fragrances in Australia - Grandiflora perfumes

There are some scents that perfectly capture the essence of summer, like salty sea air, freshly cut grass, zesty citruses and the sweet aroma of a glass of rosé. One whiff of them - no matter what time of year - and they take you back to those warm days, balmy nights, and carefree vibes. 

A summer fragrance has a way of instantly putting you in a good mood. And this summer, we could all use a fond memory to hold on to. So grab one of these a-beauty fragrances and make this a summer to remember. 

Best floral fragrance

OUR PICK: Grandiflora Madagascan Jasmine Eau de Parfum

Opening with notes of mango and green tropical fruits, you’ll be transported to a warm summer’s day the minute you spritz Grandiflora Madagascan Jasmine. From there, vibrant floral notes of jasmine, white flowers and green foliage fill the air before drying down to a sensual and unforgettable base of musk, smoky accord, and roasted cacao. 

Best everyday fragrance

OUR PICK: St. Palm Summerfields Natural Perfume Oil

Inspired by the smell of a perfect summer’s day, this natural perfume oil is an elegant ode to a summer well spent. The combination of delicate rose notes, uplifting citrus, and a soft woody scent make this summer fragrance impossible not to fall for.


Grandiflora Madagascan Jasmine fragrance
Who is Elijah perfume

Best feel-good fragrance

OUR PICK: Who is Elijah His/Her EDP

This unisex fragrance captures those carefree feelings of a summer of pure joy. The blend of sweet and spicy top notes paired with a fresh green burst of violet leaf and fir needle work together to conjure up memories of blissful beachside moments - from early mornings spent watching the sun rise on the horizon to dips in the ocean on a sunny day. 

Best fragrance for summer nights

OUR PICK: Lumira Cuban Tobacco Perfume Oil

If your fondest summer memories centre around warm nights of beers and barbecues with friends or camping out under the stars, then Lumira Cuban Tobacco Perfume Oil is the summer fragrance for you. While the scent may originally be inspired by the hustle and bustle of Cuba’s Old Havana, there’s something about the combination of zesty tangerine notes and clean florals paired with smoky cardamom and clove and seductive musk, vanilla, and tobacco that sum up the after-dark allure of an Aussie summer. 



  • Who is Elijah / @whoiselijahparfum

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