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Words by Harpy Kaur

TikTok first started out as a fun place to mindlessly watch strangers bust a move or lip-sync along to their favourite song. But now it’s become a go-to for beauty addicts looking to learn a nifty beauty hack or catch up on the latest trends in a matter of minutes.

If you’re new to TikTok or looking for some new accounts to binge on, click ‘follow’ on a homegrown influencer. These are our picks for the best Australian beauty TikTok accounts to follow.

Rowi Singh

Rowi is your go-to makeup girl for all things colour, bold looks and something that’s bound to get everyone’s attention. The Australian-born Indian beauty is a self-taught makeup artist who experiments with different methods and techniques on herself, creating looks that are innovative and inspirational. If you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone, we recommend giving her account a follow.

Follow @rowisingh

Razia Moe

Razia makes the world of skincare less daunting and easier to understand. Her mission is to help Aussies make better skincare choices. If you love skincare but aren’t necessarily sure where to begin and what products to try then check out Razia’s account - it’s a crash course in skincare!

Follow @raziamoe

Mandy Huynh

If you’re like us and love skincare and makeup equally as much then you need to follow Mandy on Tik Tok. The Melbourne-based skincare enthusiast started out on Instagram in 2017 and is now transferring her knowledge to her followers on TikTok.  Her in-depth product reviews are super helpful, and we love her clever hacks, too.

Follow @mandylikes

Madalin Giorgetta

Madalin is all about wellness and skincare. She’s your girl if you’re on the hunt for tips and tricks to look after your body from the inside out. Her TikTok videos cover everything from her AM and PM skincare regimen to workout routines, healthy recipes and product recommendations.

Follow @madalingiorgetta


Madeleine (aka Mads Skin) is an Australian dermal skincare student whose aim is to help others master their skincare routines. She breaks down myths and truths about skincare trends on Tiktok and shares her product reviews in the hope of saving others from the costly trial and error of products.



  • Madalin Giorgetta / @madalingiorgetta
  • Rowi Singh/ @rowisingh
  • Razia Moe / @raziamoe
  • Mandy Huynh / @mandylikes
  • Madeleine /

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