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How to choose candles for your home - Lumira
Lumira Tonic of Gin Candle
How to choose candles for your home - Lumira
Lumira Tonic of Gin Candle

With all of us spending more time than ever before inside our homes, the power of a good scented candle has never been more important. A scented candle provides the perfect escapism during tough times and also sets the tone for a space. While your personal preference will play a big role in helping you choose the right candle for your home, there are a few extra things you should keep in mind - like the mood you want to create and how the scent will work in each room.

Here are some top tips for choosing a candle for every room in your home.

The best candle for a living room

Living rooms are often the social heart of the home where families gather together. Fruity and tropical scents like coconut and lime create a welcoming and invigorating mood in your lounge room. In winter, switch to woody fragrances for a cosier feel. Destination-inspired fragrances that evoke special memories also work beautifully in living spaces. Basically, anything that puts you in a good mood is a winner.

Consider having two different options in the living room - one for during the day when you want to create a more vibrant and active mood, and one for the evening that evokes a chilled out, relaxed vibe (think gentle florals, green accords and vanilla). Tip: Keep the size of your living room in mind. Bold fragrances in small spaces can be overwhelming.

Our top picks: Celia Loves Wild Fig + Honeydew Candle; Aesop Ptolemy Aromatique Candle

The best candle for a dining room

Dining spaces can be tricky, because you don’t want your candle’s fragrance to interfere with the delicious aromas naturally coming from your meals. But when entertaining, candles are key for creating an intimate ambience. A subtle oriental fragrance or something with champagne notes work well for a dinner party, while a fresh herbaceous candle complements low-key family meals. When it’s time for dessert, switch to a gourmand candle with notes of vanilla, caramel or even whisky.

Our top picks: Lumira Tonic of Gin Candle; The Candle Library Whisky O’Clock 

Lumira Candles for the Home
Lumira Tonic of Gin Candle

The best candle for a kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, the purpose of a scented candle should be more about neutralising odours than creating ambience. For this, fresh citrus notes like grapefruit, lemon and lime work wonders. You also can’t go wrong with coffee - it is a great odour-neutraliser and is uplifting.

Our top picks: Conscious Candle Co. Mint, Rosemary & Ginger Candle; Hutwoods Fresh Coffee Candle

The best candle for a bedroom

In the bedroom, ambience is key. Bedrooms should feel like a restful sanctuary, so steer clear of anything too energising or intense. Instead, aromatherapy-inspired notes of sandalwood, jasmine and lavender will help you get a good night’s sleep. Romantic and seductive notes like rose, musk, amber and sandalwood are also great options.

Our top picks: Myrtle & Moss Lavender Bud, Rosemary & Cedarwood Candle; Lumira No 352 Leather & Cedar Candle

Lumira Candles for the Home
Lumira Candles

The best candle for a bathroom

Floral-scented candles fit right at home in a bathroom. They’re calming, inviting and can also help mask unpleasant odours. If you prefer a fresher fragrance, then look to crisp scents like linen, mint, ocean breeze and citrus.

Our top picks: SOH Melbourne Bondi Candle; Glasshouse Fragrances Lost in Amalfi Candle

The best candle for a study

When working from home, the right scented candle can boost your energy levels and productivity. Zingy citrus scents are a great go-to for stimulating the mind and enhancing focus. Peppermint promotes concentration, rosemary can help fight mental fatigue and thyme has the ability to uplift your spirits.

Our top picks: Salus Body Lemongrass Candle; Maison Blanche Grapefruit & Rosemary

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