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Good brows are a game-changer. But it takes a lot of work - and a whole lot of product - to get them looking perfect on a daily basis. Unless you opt for a permanent or semi-permanent solution, that is. For a while there, it was all about microblading (a semi-permanent tattoo technique that uses needles to deposit pigment in hair-like strokes to create the illusion of fuller brows). But now, it’s all about brow lamination.

Here’s everything you need to know about the less scary, pain-free and non-invasive brow treatment that will give you wake-up-and-go brows.

What is brow lamination?

“Brow Lamination is a brow hair relaxant that enables you to manipulate the way the hairs sit, creating more fullness and volume,” explains Kristiina Voyce, founder of iBrow Boutique in Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast. “It is a semi-permanent brow treatment using a perming solution. Once the hairs are relaxed, you can style them with ease,” she adds. After brow lamination, your brows will appear slicked-up, fuller and ultra glossy.

The benefits of brow lamination

Brows can be super high maintenance. If you’re sick of spending a good 15+minutes every morning filling them in, shaping them, and grooming them to perfection then brow lamination can save you a lot of time and effort. Not to mention your brows will be on point at a moment’s notice. After getting brow lamination, Voyce says all you need to do is simply brush up the hairs to style them. 

“Brow lamination is the key to achieving brushed-up, styled brows you've seen all over Instagram.”

Kristiina Voyce, iBrow Boutique founder

Who is it best suited for?

“Brow lamination is the perfect solution for those who are looking to tame stubborn or unruly brow hairs or have brows that don't style easily,” says Voyce. “It’s also ideal for anyone wanting to accomplish a fuller, fluffier brow and achieve the ever-popular brushed-up brows you see all over Instagram.” Additionally, brow lamination is a great option for the time-poor and anyone who is obsessed with groomed brows but wants to cut out the hassle of the daily primping that they require.

What you need to know before trying brow lamination

For brow lamination to be effective, you’ll need to first grow out your brows. “We recommend not touching your brows for at least 4-6 weeks before the treatment,” says Voyce, who notes that this includes not trimming your brows. “This is so we can see your brow growth and shape your brows best. Alternatively, if your brows don't grow then this is the perfect treatment for you, as it will result in a fuller-looking brow post-brow lamination.”

Post-brow lamination care

Following your brow lamination, you will need to keep your brows dry for the next 48 hours. That means no showering or exercise. “We also advise our clients to brush coconut oil or jojoba into the brows one week after treatment to help maintain moisture in the hair follicle,” says Voyce.

How long does brow lamination last?

Expect to reap the benefits of your brow lamination treatment for a good 6-8 weeks. “We recommend waiting at least 8-12 weeks before your next lamination to ensure the hairs are not overprocessed,” advises Voyce. “You can wax and tint your brows in between lamination treatments to maintain shape and fullness.”

If you want to prolong your lamination, Voyce recommends consistently brushing the brow hairs up as this trains your brows to sit that way. “The use of a styling gel will also help with the longevity of the lamination as the gel is supporting the hairs,” Voyce adds. “Also, ensure that you are strict with the aftercare by not wetting your brows for 48hrs after the treatment.”

“Brow lamination is the biggest beauty trend right now and I feel it is here to stay.”

Kristiina Voyce, iBrow Boutique founder

The one brow product you need

Post-brow lamination, Voyce recommends using a brow gel to style the relaxed hairs. “My go-to is the Eye of Horus Dual Brow Perfect as it has an angled brow crayon on one side and a gel brow mascara on the other,” shares Voyce.

At-home brow lamination kits

These days, there’s an at-home version of just about any professional beauty treatment - brow lamination included. But Voyce warns against trying them. “The at-home lamination kits are concerning,” she says. “We recommend seeing a trained beauty specialist for such treatment. The integrity and health of your brow hairs are most important and we wouldn't want you to over process or damage your brows.”


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