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If there’s one product I (unapologetically) own too many of, it’s cream blushes. They are the pick-me-up hero in my makeup kit and I think everyone should own one - actually, I think you should own many. The latest one I’ve just added to my collection is the Flavedo & Albedo Dew Tint. And it’s right up there as one of my favourite cream blushes that I own. Why? Because it’s Australian, the packaging is sustainable, and most importantly, the buttery, dewy texture is heaven!

Who is Flavedo & Albedo?

I’ll confess, when we started stocking Flavedo & Albedo at a-beauty this month, it was the first time I’d ever heard of the brand. But kudos to our founder Jamee for being more in the know than me because I am loving their products and everything they stand for. Flavedo & Albedo is an Australian beauty brand that is committed to making natural, sustainable makeup that lets us indulge our love of colour and cosmetics without costing the planet. Based in Sydney and co-founded by Aleks Allen, Emily Perrett and Toby Norris, the curated range includes eyeshadows, eyeliners, highlighters, and cream blushes in a selection of classic and bold shades, plus, reusable makeup rounds.

Where does the name Flavedo & Albedo come from?

At first I thought the name was quite unusual, but it actually ties in nicely to everything the brand stands for. ‘Flavedo’ is the term for the skin of citrus fruit, and ‘albedo’ is the white inside part of the citrus; referencing how makeup shouldn’t just be about what looks good on the outside, it’s also about what’s happening inside. Zero plastic packaging is one of the things that Flavedo & Albedo considered a non-negotiable when creating the brand. 

3 things I love about Dew Tint

#1 The plastic-free packaging

The beauty industry produces way too much plastic wastage so to find a brand that is 100% plastic free is something to be celebrated. Even better, this one’s eco-friendly packaging is super cute. Flavedo & Albedo work with aluminium, as 90% of it is actually recycled effectively (compared to just 15% for plastics), as well as glass and sustainable timber. They’ve even taken into consideration how traditional petroleum based inks used to print on product packaging leaves nasty chemicals behind and add to air pollution, so instead they print with safer soy based inks. All of Flavedo & Albedo’s outer packaging is all 100% recycled and recyclable, too.  

#2 Its dewy shimmer-free finish

Don’t get me wrong, I love a glistening finish in my cream blushes, but sometimes you want something that delivers a more healthy and natural-looking finish. That’s where the Dew Tint knocks it out of the park. The formula itself is packed with hydrating plant extracts which give it its butter-like texture that blends effortlessly and has this soft sheen to it so you get a healthy glow rather than a flat matte effect that you might expect from a shimmerless formula. It delivers a flush of colour that looks like your own, only amped up to beautiful heights. I love softly blending a little over the bridge of my nose too for that sun-kissed vibe that wakes up the whole complexion. 

MY TIP: When you’re craving some sparkle, mix it with the High Glow for a Nars Orgasm dupe! 

Chelsea Tromans, beauty editor

#3 The universally flattering blush

Dew Tint comes in three shades - I own Rose and I suggest you do, too. It’s a gorgeous shade that looks a lot like the colour your cheeks probably go when you blush naturally, and I think it would complement most skin tones beautifully. I’d describe the shade as dusky rose but a more vibrant version than you usually find, with warm undertones.



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