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Yelena Fairfax Australian Beauty Editor
Yelena Fairfax Australian Beauty Editor

We caught up with award-nominated journalist and Husskie Director Yelena Fairfax to chat about the importance of shopping local and why supporting homegrown beauty brands is more important than ever.


Q: How many years have you been working in the Australian beauty space?

"I first dabbled in the Australian beauty space in my role as Lifestyle Writer at OK! Magazine, but it was really in 2011 when I became the Editor of digital beauty website BEAUTYDIRECTORY that I truly became ingrained in the industry.

I think for me, what I love most about the Australian beauty space is the different background stories that most brands have. From working at kitchen tables to incorporating great grandfathers’ secret skincare recipes - every brand seems to have its unique story that has led to the creation of an incredible product delivering efficacious results."

Q: Do you think Australian brands are becoming more and more sought after?

"I think consumers are finally starting to think more about where their products have come from and the impact of their purchase. Similar to fashion - where consumers will incorporate a few pieces of fast fashion into their wardrobe but are now looking to more environmentally-friendly and sustainable options - I think we are seeing this trend move over to beauty.

Consumers may still pick up their cheapie mascara from Maybelline - but on the whole, they’re making more conscious decisions with what they buy. I think this is especially true in the skincare and haircare categories. And while there was definitely a huge push to support local, support small in 2020, I would like to think that it didn’t have to take a pandemic to change people’s way of thinking… but perhaps it did."

Q: Do Australians have tall-poppy syndrome?

"I don’t know if I’d call it tall poppy - but I think Australians (myself included) are very much guilty of looking to others to seek a product’s validation: 'I’ve seen a thousand influencers talking about it, it must be good', 'It’s stocked at Net-a-Porter, it must be good', 'It was featured in Vogue, it must be good'.

I do hope that at the end of the day though, if a product truly does work, enough people will talk about it that we can get some community spreading happening of the good sort."

"I think Australians (myself included) are very much guilty of looking to others to seek a product’s validation."

Yelena Fairfax, Director of Husskie

Q: The A-Beauty regulars in your regimen?

"SPF - I swear by Ultra Violette and Mecca Cosmetica’s home brand. They soak into your skin and feel like you are wearing skincare as opposed to sunscreen. I can’t go back to regulation sun creams now!

Skincare - Alpha-H Liquid Gold - because you truly can notice the difference in your skin, Cinch Pump + Glow - I sometimes just wear this on its own as my skin looks so healthy when I’ve got it on; Ipsum Skin Best Skin Face Oil - it’s like a tiny bottle of spa luxury sitting on your bathroom cabinet.

Hair - bhave Bombshell Blonde shampoo and conditioner and their leave-in creme - trust me, you will not regret discovering everything from this brand. My hair has loved me since the day I found bhave. 

Lifestyle - Peppermint Grove and Moss St. candles - my house is literally filled with them. Divine."

Q: How do you think the A-Beauty trend is perceived globally?

"I think the global perception of A-Beauty is similar to the perfection of the country as a whole: natural beauty at its best. Is that too patriotic of me?!"



Yelena Fairfax

Yelena Fairfax is an award-nominated beauty and fashion journalist specialising in both print and digital publications. In November 2016, she launched lifestyle website Husskie, which focuses on the lives and career paths of social media influencers.

In December 2019, Husskie expanded to include Husskie The Label and Husskie Creative. Husskie The Label is a lifestyle fashion brand with a high focus on delivering long-lasting sustainable pieces. Husskie Creative is a showcase of some of the photography shoots created by Yelena for both international and local brands.

Previous to launching Husskie, Yelena held positions including Editor of BEAUTYDIRECTORY, Fashion Editor at OK! Magazine, and Contributing Beauty Editor at Grazia.
Yelena Fairfax Beauty Editor Interview
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