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Spring is all about a fresh start. And while we’re not quite out of the winter months just yet, we are already counting down the days and getting a head start on spring cleaning our beauty kits. If your bathroom vanity and daily beauty routine have both gotten a bit out of control, make August the month you hit reset. Do a clean out of anything old and expired, or that you no longer use, and when you finish up anything think about whether or not you can simplify your regimen by swapping it out for a multitasking product instead. 

This August, Australian beauty brands are doing their bit to help you streamline your beauty regimen. These are our favourite new multitasking a-beauty products to hit shelves this month: 

Best for sun-kissed skin

OUR PICK: Bali Body Gradual Face Tan

As we creep our way towards the warmer weather, it’s time to slowly bring back our bronzed glow. Bali Body’s new gradual face tanner has hit shelves at the perfect time. More than just a self-tanner for the face, this multi-tasking product can also take the place of your daily moisturiser. It’s enriched with shea butter, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E, so it can nourish your skin with the best of them.

Best for boosting your skincare results

OUR PICK: Proplenish Regeneration Beauty Tool

If you are all over your beauty tools, then you probably already have a jade roller and vibrating wand in your kit. Maybe even a derma roller. If not - or if you’re looking to streamline your collection - then this three-in-one is a game-changer. It comes with three interchangeable attachments - a rose quartz roller, microneedle derma roller, and sculpting T-bar - so you get all the benefits you know and love for your existing tools; but, the difference is, the micro-vibrating handle works with each attachment to further enhance the sculpting, contouring and renewing results. It helps promote collagen production, stimulate blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, and improve the efficacy of your skincare. Sign. Us. Up!

Best new facial oil

OUR PICK: Dr Roebuck’s Wategos Facial Oil 

Depending on your skin type and skin preferences, a facial oil can replace the need for both a serum and moisturiser. What we love about this newbie from Dr Roebuck’s is that it will help battle any winter dryness you’re suffering from with its ultra-hydrating blend of nine seed oils (including pomegranate, jojoba, rosehip, safflower and macadamia) that are super-rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and antimicrobial compounds. It also helps calm inflammation, decongest breakouts, and help boost natural collagen production. 

What makes this facial oil extra special is the addition of blue rainforest oil. Ethically and sustainably sourced from naturally felled rosewood trees, which are native to the Australian rainforests of New South Wales and Queensland, Dr Roebuck’s is the very first skincare brand to utilise this antioxidant-rich, plant-based oil in a skincare formula. 

Best complexion perfector

OUR PICK: Nude by Nature Perfecting Primers

Primer is one of those products we tend to forget about. It’s not quite skincare, not quite makeup, so often it gets left to the wayside. But primers can be a true MVP in your beauty routine. They help smooth your skin (taking the pressure off your skincare products to make you look 10/10 every single day) and they improve the look and wear of your foundation. Some even go above and beyond to also treat your top skin woes. This new range of 100% natural and silicone-free primers by Nude by Nature do just that. There’s one to Smooth and Nourish (Nude by Nature’s OG primer), Correct and Even, Hydrate and Illuminate, and Blur and Mattify. We wouldn’t blame you for getting all four.

Best for stress-busting

OUR PICK: My Tribe Type Sun On The Grass Adaptogen Perfume Oil

A little while ago, we introduced you to the wonderful world of adaptogens (head hereto refresh your memory) and their ability to help you manage stress when ingested. Well, Australian beauty brand My Tribe Type has now combined the benefits of adaptogens with the sensorial perks of perfume to deliver an adaptogenic wellness perfume oil. Its scent is designed to help relieve stress and induce calm. It also adapts to you and your personal chemistry for a truly unique fragrance.

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