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I don’t know about you but COVID fatigue has hit me like a brick to the head and I know so many of my close friends and colleagues are feeling the same way. Life is monotonous, holidays are virtually non-existent, and the days seem to be merging into one between working, juggling young babies, managing a household, and the daily drain of global news. Right now, there aren’t a whole lot of positive vibes going around. 

But spring is the season of new beginnings so I am trying to shift my mindset. To do that, I have added these products to my self-care ritual that I know will aid me on my journey to improving my mood and mindset.  

A good night’s sleep changes everything

Getting a full night’s sleep is one thing that I know I personally need to function. If I get any less than eight hours, then I am just not at my optimum and this is not even taking into consideration the fact that “there are certain dark circles even the cleverest of makeup tricks can’t hide”, as Samantha from Sex and the City so rightly put it.

To help me get in the beauty sleep I need to wake up rested and ready, I’ve started using the Slip Silk Eye Mask to get a nice dark sleep. I’ve also paired it with a Slip Silk Pillowcase to keep my curly locks tame, which saves me valuable time in the morning when I am getting ready for the day.

Surround yourself with things you love

Creating a positive, calm and inspirational work-from-home space is integral for me to get through my daily to-do list. There are a few tips that I like to use for this, including choosing a playlist to suit my current mood, lighting a scented candle, and having a few desk essentials handy like a diary and notepad to keep me feeling fresh and inspired throughout the day. 

My good mood go-tos right now:

Lumira Terra Australis Candle - I find the fragrance comforting and uplifting.

Sodashi Eye and Lip Smoother - its nourishing formula makes my skin and lips feel nurtured. 

“I’m loving Spotify’s Monday Motivation playlist to put me in a good (and productive) mood.” 

Jamee Parker, a-beauty Founder & Creative Director

Go on a sensorial escape

Finally, since I am not able to go on the tropical holiday I am sooo longing for, I have decided to take a virtual holiday by selecting a few fragrances that transport me to a far-away place or remind me to switch off and make the most of the present. 

My current fragrance faves:

Goldfield & Banks Blue Cypress - one spritz takes me to a salty day sailing on the Med, basking in the sun and sipping on a glass of French rosé

Grandiflora Madagascan Jasmine EDP - this reminds me of a perfect warm summer's afternoon wandering the streets of Old Town Palma de Mallorca and choosing which tapas bar we will stop at for a quick afternoon snack. 

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