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As we transition from summer to the cooler months, it’s important to consider the seasonality of the beauty products in your daily routine. You may instinctively feel drawn to a slightly moodier fragrance as the temperature drops, and reach for a touch more makeup than you would wear in the warmer months. But have you made the necessary changes to your skincare routine?

Autumn is all about increasing skin nourishment and making sure you have the right products in your arsenal to combat the change in seasons. 

These are our a-beauty picks to ensure you are best supporting your skin in the autumn weather.

A Cream Cleanser 

OUR PICK: Vanessa Megan Petitgrain pH Balancing Cream Cleanser

When your skin loses its moisture barrier, it weakens its ability to protect itself. This is why your chosen lightweight summer skincare products may not cut it in during the drying months of autumn and winter. Cream cleansers are gentler on dry skin and tend to have more nourishing formulas. 

An Exfoliant

OUR PICK: Dermalist Ultra Smoothing Facial Exfoliant 

Exfoliating is an important step during the cooler months as it helps to replenish the skin. Between the cold air outside and the warm indoor heating, skin cells will dehydrate rapidly so it's important to buff away that layer of dead skin cells to reveal new skin cells (read: radiant skin) underneath

TIP: Don’t forget – exfoliants improve the effectiveness of your moisturiser. 


A Multipurpose Day Cream 

OUR PICK: Ere Perez Wild Tomato Riche Creme

As the cooler weather sets in, skin can have a hard time maintaining its glow. It needs a helping hand in the moisturisation department. Not just for hydration, but nourishment and protection, too. Opt for a day cream that can address multiple skin concerns in one. You may also want to consider a richer texture if your skin needs it.

A Serum or Facial Oil 

OUR PICK: MAAEMO Vitalize Face Elixir 

Irritation and dryness are common symptoms of cold weather. Add to that your usual list of skin woes like ageing and uneven skin tone, it’s no wonder a skin treatment product is a non-negotiable in your autumn skincare routine.  

TIP: Using serums or oils before your moisturiser is a great way to pack in extra moisture and key active ingredients. 


A Reparative Night Moisturiser 

OUR PICK: Sodashi Nourishing Repair Treatment

Night creams are like day creams that have been taken to the next level. They should be more hydrating, richer in texture, and contain active ingredients that work overtime to repair daily damage and regenerate cells overnight.  

A Body Oil 

OUR PICK: Vanessa Megan Bio-Omega Body Contouring Oil

Whilst finding winter-appropriate products for your face is important, the hunt for the best body products should be a top priority, too. With dryer skin on the rise, it’s high time to practice some head-to-toe self-care with an indulgent body oil that feels lightweight but doesn’t hold back on the hydration.

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