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Words by Sadaf Razi

Winter can be unkind to our skin. Whether it’s the daily hot showers, constant central heating or just the crisp air in general, dry and dehydrated skin becomes commonplace.

And while we often focus on restoring hydration and nourishing our facial skin, caring for our body often becomes an afterthought.

But it shouldn’t be, especially when there are so many wonderful body care products out there to help us take care of our skin health. Some of the best body creams, oils and tools for dry skin are made right here on our shores and I was lucky enough to try a few from a-beauty. 

So, if you want to give your skin some extra TLC, consider soaking in the pleasures of one of these Australian body care products…

A beautiful body oil 

Sadaf's pick: Salt by Hendrix Neroli + Argan Body Oil

For those who don’t favour heavier creams in winter, nourishing parched skin with a body oil is your answer. Certified organic and made with a cocktail of beautiful botanical ingredients like jojoba, neroli oil and argan oil, as well as antioxidant-rich vitamin E, my skin was left instantly smoother and softer after coddling it with this gorgeous oil.

It absorbs quickly into the skin, doesn’t leave a greasy residue and my specific problem areas like my elbows and arms just drank up the formula. The soft floral and neroli notes that lingered on my skin were the cherry on top. 

Final verdict: An amazing feel-good product that comes in a gorgeous Insta-worthy bottle, it’s one I’ll be using a few times a week, post-shower.

A luminous lotion

Sadaf's pick: Theseeke Luminosity Body Lotion

Luminosity in the skin can definitely diminish in winter. To restore radiance, a glowy body lotion that gives you that faux summer glow is the way to go.

This moisturiser has a lightweight formula but includes winter-friendly ingredients like organic shea butter, glycerin as well as sweet almond, avocado and rosehip oils. 

I obviously don’t need a tanning product, but that’s what stands out to me about this body illuminator. It simply enhances my olive skin by imparting a subtle, healthy-looking glow. A touch on the neck and other areas in winter makes all the difference to bring dull skin back to life.

Final verdict: It’s a generous, year-round product to add to your beauty shelf and a great way to add some sparkle to winter skin. 

I’ll definitely be saving half the bottle for summer too, to give bare skin a sexy, luminous finish (along with sunscreen, of course). 

Sadaf Razi, Beauty Writer

A body buffing brush

Sadaf's pick: Stass & Co The Body Brush

We all love a good facial exfoliant to slough away dead skin cells and reveal a smoother, clearer face. Well, exfoliating your body to support healthy skin is just as important! 

To renew dry and flaky skin, using a body care technique like dry brushing is a great option. Dry brushing has a host of benefits (aside from whisking away dead skin cells) like promoting blood circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage and stimulating your nervous system to leave you with revitalised skin.

The Stass & Co dry brush bristles look like they may be harsh on the skin, but looks can be deceiving because it actually feels like the opposite. It felt lovely and light on my skin. 

Before hopping in the shower (the best time to use a dry brush) I used gentle upward flicking motions starting from my feet up, then made sure I followed up with a body moisturiser after my shower.

Final verdict: I look at it as a mindful practice to add to my Sunday evening self-care routine.

Note: Dry brushing should not be used on sensitised or irritated skin as this can further harm the skin’s barrier.


  • Sadaf Razi / @sadafr

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