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When it’s your job to play with makeup every day, you’re not about to settle for anything short of the best in your beauty kit. Max May has tried his fair share of beauty products during his 10+ years in the industry. When it comes to what he packs in professional kit and what he uses himself, these are the Australian beauty products he can’t live without.

The Holy Grail of Hyaluronic Acid 

“My skin gets so dehydrated in summer so I’ve been using esmi Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum. It’s definitely one of the best Hyaluronic acid serums I’ve found on the market. It’s not sticky, doesn’t run when I sweat, and leaves my skin so plump.”

A Self-Tanner For All Skin Tones

“If you are a fake tanner like me and always on the search for a tan that not only gives you a natural sun-kissed bronze colour but that you can build, then I suggest you try Elle Effect. I use it in my kit as well and I’m yet to find a skin tone it doesn’t look great on!” 

“The luxe application mitt is a must when applying - it gives the most flawless finish.” 

Max May, Australian Makeup Artist

Sunscreen Obsessed

“I’m a huge advocate and wearer of sunscreen. I’ve seen so much skin damage from the sun on clients and family that I refuse to suffer the same. I’m obsessed with Naked Sundays. They have the most amazing range that also double as a primer and are pumped with collagen to make skin look ridiculously good. They also just came out with a SPF50 Hydrating Glow Mist Spray so you can top your SPF right over your makeup. Will give your face a quick freshen up too!! Genius!”

Pre-Makeup Prep Step 

“I’m obsessed with Nude by Nature's Renewal Facial Oil on myself (and in my kit)! It’s super lightweight but very hydration and nourishing, making it the perfect night treatment or pre-makeup prep. The glow is real! Makeup just glides over it.” 

Male-Approved Foundation 

“As far as makeup for my own skin, I use Nude by Nature’s Natural Mineral Cover Foundation. It’s a powder foundation that has buildable coverage and a radiant finish. It’s so quick, easy and foolproof to apply and wear all day.”

Best Concealer in Australia

“If you're in the market for a good concealer, have a look at Eye Of Horus. Their Triple C Concealer is off the hook. Great colours, really creamy, buildable coverage, and a radiant finish.” 

Hot tip: I actually use the darker shades to contour the face!

Max May, Australian Makeup Artist

For The Love of Blush 

“I have a bit of a blush addiction. Blush, in my opinion, is the unsung hero of makeup. It just fixes everything: brightens skin, brings out your eye colour, makes you look younger, it even brightens under-eye circles. One of my fav blushes atm is Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pots. There are a bunch of really wearable colours and you can stain your cheeks and lips with them, making them super user-friendly. The wear is amazing and the finish is really natural but luxe. Love!”


  • By Max May / @maxmade
  • Elle Effect / @elleeffect

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