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Vida Glow + Radiance Advanced Repair + Dietary Supplement Capsules + Box slightly open + in sunlight
Vida Glow + Radiance Advanced Repair + Dietary Supplement Capsules + Box slightly open + in sunlight

September is a funny month. It’s the season of new beginnings and since it marks the end of winter (arguably everyone’s least favourite season) it has a way of putting a pep in your step. But it’s also around that tipping point near the end of the year where you’re dreaming of a break and dreading all the things you need to get done before the craziness of Christmas comes around. So you’re feeling good and exhausted at the same time.

Not sure how to deal? Well, based on the new Australian beauty products hitting shelves this month, the way forward is to nurture your body from the inside out to keep those good vibes flowing, while focussing on tackling signs of hydration and pigmentation on the outside for skin that glows rather than shows signs of tiredness and defeat. 

Here’s all the a-beauty newness we’re loving this month...

Best for giving your body a boost 

OUR PICK: The Base Body Co. The Daily Vegan Adaptogen Capsules

These all-natural ‘chill pills’ couldn’t have launched at a better time. Formulated to help increase focus, promote a calm state of mind, reduce fatigue, elevate your mood, and quiet your mind, it ticks every box for what we want and need right now. Made with a blend of sustainably sourced herbs, including adaptogens ashwagandha and rhodiola, take two capsules every morning.

Best new way to tackle pigmentation 

OUR PICK: Vida Glow Radiance Advanced Repair

While you’re in the mindset of caring for yourself from the inside, why not add these new cutting edge supplements from Vida Glow to cart. They’re formulated to improve your skin tone on a cellular level, targeting dark spots, dark circles, melasma, skin discolouration and overall luminosity. Just pop one of these capsules daily with food. Too easy.

Best for skin in need of a glow up

OUR PICK: Go-To Skincare Much Brighter Skin

If you’re serious about getting rid of your pigmentation, then combine your Vida Glow capsules with this topical treatment. It’s packed with vitamin C, Kakadu plum, and niacinamide to address pigmentation along with free radicals, moisture loss, and a general lack of radiance. It’s like a pick-me-up for skin that feels meh, which we can totally relate to.

Best for waking up tired eyes

OUR PICK: Keep It Simple Skin Shuteye

If you feel tired, chances are your eyes look tired. They’re shocking at keeping secrets, sorry. For times like these, you need an eye product that is like eight hours of sleep in a bottle. We just discovered this new Australian beauty brand which launched this month - Keep It Simple Skin - whose curated collection of just six products feature simple, customisable formulations and sustainable packaging. One of the products is a probiotic eye defence balm. It’s part of the three ‘essential’ products within the line-up that are designed for all skin types. It’s all about moisturising and brightening, but also contains a clinically proven dose of skin defence actives to protect, repair and strengthen the delicate skin around your eyes 

Best for giving skin a tall drink of water

OUR PICK: Aspect Intense Hydration Sheet Mask

If your skin is looking a little lacklustre, be it from lockdown life, the change in season, or everyday stresses, then a super hydrating sheet mask like this is a skin-saver. We love that it comes in a sheet mask form - it helps all those actives in the mask’s formula drive deep into your skin. Make sure you grab a bunch of these in preparation for party season, too. The glow you’ll get immediately after application is the best base for any makeup or no-makeup look.


More to love on a-beauty! These are some of the products we’ve just added to

MV Skintherapy multiBALM

Just because winter is behind us, doesn’t mean our issues with dry skin miraculously disappear with it. Pop this buttery multipurpose balm in your handbag and let it save you from cracked lips, dry patches, hard cuticles, or eczema flare-ups in a pinch. Psst, we also love smudging it on our cheekbones for a natural-looking highlight in summer.

Ere Perez Quinoa Water Foundation

Haven’t found your spring foundation yet? This one is a great choice for the warmer weather. It’s super lightweight and contains lovely skin-nourishing ingredients like quinoa and blackcurrant. The semi-matte finish is especially ideal for those worried about looking shiny or ‘sweaty’ when it's hot out.


Go-To Skincare / @gotoskincare

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